Brendan's Letter to Gazette

Dear Editor,

          I am an artist living and working in Jamaica Plain. I am fortunate enough to have one of the few studio spaces available in JP at 128 Brookside Ave in the midst of what was, (formerly), a thriving Arts community in the Brookside/Amory street area of Jamaica Plain. As I’m sure you are aware, this area is currently undergoing a great deal of speculation and development. As a result, my fellow studio-mates, neighbors and myself are growing increasingly concerned as to our future prospects here. To compound my concerns I recently attended several Boston Zoning Board meetings at which 2 projects in our neighborhood, including one at the site of the building next to ours, (120 Brookside Ave), breezed through the approval process. 30 Artists, Musicians and small business' are being displaced as a result. Despite all the hard work that my neighbors and myself have devoted to maintaining the long term affordability and quality of life in the area, It was clear that the city’s overtures regarding our concerns have been summarily dismissed. 

This is a direct result of the inflated market fueled by the City of Boston's plan to turn the J.P. Washington street corridor into one- big-luxury-condo and, in the process, drain our community of the character that makes it such a unique place to live. Similar to what has transpired in Fort Point and the Fenway, this kind of aggressive development will bring profound and irrevocable change in the diversity of our neighborhood.

In response, we are currently in the process of organizing ourselves and our many allies into an advocacy group for maintaining our presence in the community. In addition to preventing any further displacement, our ultimate goal is to try and create a ”safe” zone or place where the Art community is no longer at the mercy of a malevolent market.

I will continue to keep the Gazette well informed as it's an issue of great concern for us and the JP creative community at large. 

Thank you for your consideration,

Brendan Killian on behalf of the Artists at 128 Brookside