Jeff's Letter to Everyone


My name is Jeff Ledellaytner. I am a filmmaker, artist, and small business owner currently working out of an artist’s studio at 128 Brookside Ave in Jamaica Plain. I’m writing you today to ask you to consider helping save art studios like ours from being developed into residential spaces. Recently our neighbors at 114-120 Brookside ave lost a vital battle to maintain their space as a light industrial zone. As a result, the artists and small business owners will be displaced against their will, to make way for a new luxury condo building. 

I have lived in Jamaica Plain at 91 Brookside ave for 13 years. In 2015, after looking for a place to buy unsuccessfully for years, I chose to move to the more affordable Roslindale. I did not want to leave JP. I was not able to afford the town I love. I fear that I will have to move my business if we don’t find zoning protection soon. 

In January 2017, I’ve started renting a 500 square foot space at 128 Brookside ave in Jamaica Plain. I’ve had expensive shared studios in Back Bay and the South End, and had to retreat to my home for a number of years to continue to operate my business more affordably. When I found the studio at 128 Brookside it was a dream come true. I run a video production company that services the many advertising agencies in Boston, as well as a large number of companies and Non-Profits in the surrounding metro area. I’ve been in video production in Boston since 2001. All of my clients are here. All of my work is here. 128 Brookside is the ideal location for me and I fear that given the current climate of the neighborhood developments in this particular area, our building will not be spared in favor of a shiny new residential complex. 

128 Brookside Ave used to be a WWI airplane manufacturer!

In addition to my commercial work, I also have put on many events at the larger front space at 128 Brookside in the name of art. I’ve hosted comedy events, bands, and film screenings, all free of charge to the community. 

Please help protect our building, and others like it from becoming another luxury condos. Many of my peers have already written you. I am in complete solidarity with them. We feel that art is VITAL to a community, especially a place like JP. I think a HUGE reason JP has become so desirable is because of the artists. 

Thank you for your time!

Jeff Ledellaytner