Clive's Letter to DND

Hello Clive, thanks for your email.  As Brendan probably told you, DND is working with JP/Rox tenant advocates (City Life) and 2 area Community Development Corporations (Urban Edge and JP Neighborhood Development Corporation) to assess acquisition opportunities in Jamaica Plain/Roxbury to preserve & protect affordability and unique live/work arrangements.  We will be meeting shortly and will discuss your email and situation and we can get back to you. Thanks

John Feuerbach

Senior Development Officer for Housing

26 Court Street

Boston, MA  02108

(w) 617-635-0353

(f) 617-635-0383


Dear Devin and John,

My name is Clive Moloney.  I am an artist living and working in Jamaica Plain. I share a studio with 9 other artists at 120 Brookside Ave. I have been been in conversation with Brendan Killian, Ken Michaels and the other artists next door to me at 128 Brookside and have been cc'd on their emails with you both.

I don't know if you are aware of the situation at 120 Brookside. Myself and some of the other current tenant artists have been renting the 2500 sq ft warehouse space for the past 5 years. Our building was sold to developer Scott Johnson last year.  Mr. Johnson wants us out of the building by January 2018 (4 months time). He has given us plenty of notice but has offered only 2 work spaces in his new development, which will also contain 9 apartments. I have been attending Brookside Neighborhood Association meetings with some of the other artists of 120 Brookside, our neighbors and Mr Johnson.  From my attendance at these meetings I realized that this was the best deal we were going to get but the fact remains that 10 artists will be out of a work space come January and only 2 will get new spaces when the new building is complete. There are also 3 small businesses in another part of the same building and they are all competing for the 2 proposed work spaces. 

I would like to echo Ken Michaels views in expressing the importance of the art community in JP and the fact that artists are being priced out of our neighborhood. I understand Boston is in a ridiculous housing bubble but the artists at 120 Brookside need your help in finding new work spaces.  

I appreciate the concern you have expressed in your emails and hope you will do your up most to support the artists of 120 and 128 Brookside.

We would be happy to meet you any time to continue this conversation.