Sheila's Letter to Marie and Lara


Upcoming ZBA hearing on 114-120 Brookside Avenue, JP, Tuesday July 25th

Dear Ms. Mercurio and Ms. Merida-

I am an artist with a studio in the abutting property to 114 Brookside. I am also a 25 year resident of Jamaica Plain. The co-tenants in my building and I strongly oppose the proposed residential conversion next door, which is slated to be presented to the ZBA next Tuesday.

The proposal is inconsistent with current zoning, inconsistent with the JP Rox Plan, and has already started to displace artists occupying the building as the developer speculates on a positive response from the ZBA. The project has not had the benefit or scrutiny of Article 80 review, and offers no meaningful replacement of the existing work spaces.

The BPDA undertook the JP Rox plan to bring greater certainty to development patterns in our neighborhood through an extensive and inclusive planning process. We respect the intent and outcome of that plan. Now that the plan has been approved by your board, we expect you will honor the spirit and letter of that plan by opposing this development. 

I am attaching my letter to the Zoning Board of Appeals.


Sheila Gallagher

Studio : 128 Brookside Avenue, Jamaica Plain