Sheila's Letter to Matt Omalley


Email Subject Line: Upcoming ZBA hearing on 114-120 Brookside Avenue, JP, Tuesday July 25th

Dear Councilor O’Malley,

I am extremely concerned by the proposal for a residential conversion of the property next door to my artist studio at 128 Brookside Avenue. Displacement of the tenants in that building has already begun, and the tenants in my building are distraught at the prospect that our vital artists’ community is under threat by speculative development offering no benefit to the artists or residents of Jamaica Plain. 

The project is not required to go through Article 80, and has not engaged in meaningful consensus-building with the community. The developer has approached and appeased a couple oftenants and residential abutters, but this should not be considered a substitute for proper community process or the protection of small businesses. 

I want to add that, under the direction and approval of the Mayor, the BPDA conducted and finalized the JP Rox plan. We support that plan, specifically because it is intended to protect us from the development speculation which is threatening our livelihood. This proposal does not conform to the plan in any regard.

As a 25 year resident of Jamaica Plain, I expect our you will join us in opposing the development which threatens our ability to pursue our practice in the City of Boston, and is in direct contradiction to the JP Rox Plan which was conducted and approved in an extremely inclusive manner.

I have attached a copy of the letter I have sent to the Zoning Board of Appeals and details our opposition.

Thank You,

Sheila Gallagher

Studio : 128 Brookside Avenue, Jamaica Plain