Letter from Julie Burros

Received on 11/20/17

Dear Artists of 120 and 128 Brookside Ave,

Thank you for all of your advocacy efforts over the past months to raise awareness of the sale of 120 and 128 Brookside Ave. We understand that the loss of spaces for artists to work is a critical issue for artists and the vitality of our city.

On Monday, October 30th, we met with many departments at City Hall, including the Boston Planning and Development Agency, the Department of Neighborhood Development, the Mayor's Office, and the Office of Economic Development. Councilor Matt O'Malley also attended. Everyone was in agreement - we support your goal of keeping 128 Brookside an artist work space, and we want to be of assistance. For the artists of 120 Brookside, we will continue to investigate what other spaces might be available for you in Jamaica Plain and the surrounding area.

Please keep in touch with us as you decide your next steps and include us in any meetings where we can show support for your goals.


Julie S. Burros

Chief of Arts and Culture

Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture