11:00 AM11:00

Open Studios

120 Brookside has already been sold and as a result 20 artist and small business owners will be displaced in favor of luxury condos. Stop by for the last celebration of art in this space during JP Open Studios. 

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6:00 PM18:00

Neighborhood Cookout

In front of the Green St. Market, there's gonna be a community cookout. Get to know your neighbors :) We'll have a bunch of great food and conversations about the future of the rooming houses and our neighborhood, and good times!

If you want to throw down a few bucks to help make the cookout a success, that would be much appreciated. Just email if so.

See you soon!

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6:30 PM18:30

Discussion with the City of Boston's Housing Innovation Lab

Discussion with the City of Boston's Housing Innovation Lab exploring new affordable housing on Greenley Place. At the Brookside Community Health Center community room

You know that little piece of land at the end of Greenley Place (the dead-end road next to the market)? It's one of the last pieces of City-owned land in JP. The City is curious about getting a developer to build affordable condos on it, maybe turning it into a land-trust or a co-op. This is a totally exploratory conversation - nothing has been decided or is set in stone at all. Come on down if you want to learn more or share you voice. 

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